Why I can totally relate to everyone hanging out without me

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Let me just get straight to the point. I love Mindy Kaling. Like absolutely freakin’ adore her…her wit, humor and caramel princess charm (you have to watch The Mindy Project to get that last one).

And I’ve been having Mindy Project withdrawals since Fox took the show off the air. My only option now is Hulu, but my savvy rural Internet speeds don’t play nicely with streaming services like Hulu, so that’s a no go.

My solution. Unfollow every Mindy Project social channel that exists. Stop having recap texts with my fellow Mindy-loving friends. And wait. Wait patiently for Season 3 to hit Amazon long after Season 3 actually concludes. Buy it, put the kids to bed early, and watch my Mindy marathon…next summer.

If you haven’t already gotten on the Mindy Project bandwagon, you need to. But you first need to read her book, appropriately titled Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I think Mindy gets credit for writing the first book I ever purposely chose to read on Kindle, which is a big deal since I don’t have time to read at all. Like ever. But it helps that it’s an easy read and pleasantly real.

Why I can totally relate to Mindy

  • Mindy keeps it real. She doesn’t sugarcoat the obstacles she had as a child, or the roadblocks she encountered as a woman trying to make it in a male-dominated industry (comedy). Let’s be honest, we all face obstacles and roadblocks in life, so it’s nice to see how someone like Mindy (who seems to have gotten exactly where she wanted to be in life) navigated those barriers, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.
  • Mindy is hilarious. And not the fake “hahaha” hilarious. Her humor shines through her truth in storytelling. Basically, her whole life is a comedy, and instead of hiding from the crazy, she embraces it, which makes her both real and funny.
  • Mindy is relatable. As I read the book, I thought, yep, that was me too as a child. Or, yep, I’ve faced similar struggles in my professional career. Or, thank goodness my mom never gave me that haircut. Truth here. Mindy is my biggest female inspiration. I secretly want to be kinda like her. Or at least be allowed to run on caramel princess time.
  • Mindy isn’t overly motivational. This is a big one for me. While I love a good motivational kick in the butt from time to time, I really hate hearing only the warm fuzzies. Sometimes life is hard. And finding your light in the world is even harder. And Mindy doesn’t get all “motivational speaker” on you. She just shares her life, makes a few jokes in the process, and leaves you with the idea that you can survive even if everyone really is hanging out without you.

And, it looks like Mindy has a second book just waiting for me to check out. Why Not Me? This has me written all over it.