When my little girl grows up, she doesn’t want to be like Mommy

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When my little girl grows up, she doesn't want to be like Mommy

My daughter is only four, but she’s seriously the smartest kid ever. And I can admit that because I’m not the only person that says it. Strangers tell me she’s smart, so I know it’s true.

It’s probably because I treat her like an adult. We have adult conversations every day, esp. on car rides or around the kitchen table.

Like yesterday for example.

K: “Mommy, let’s talk about what I can be when I grow up.”

Me: “Ok. Well, you can be a teacher like Daddy. Or you can build things like sandboxes or treehouses or big tall buildings.”

K: “I want to be a builder.”

Me: “Or you can be like Mommy. You can be super creative and design and take photos and…”

K: “I don’t want to be like you Mommy. I don’t want to work on a computer. I want to do something fun.”

Me: “Well, you like coloring don’t you? Mommy’s job is kinda like coloring on the computer. Instead of colors and paper I use cool design tools to color and make things pretty on the computer.”

K: “Really? Well, now I want to be a dress designer. I want to design beautiful princess, wedding and fairy dresses. I still don’t want to work on the computer. I”m going to tell Daddy I’m going to be a dress designer.”

Me: “That sounds like a fun job for you.”

K: “I still love you Mommy. Don’t be mad.”

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