Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web

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Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web | Lazy K Creative Blog

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the capacity to invest in a professional all the time, especially when it comes to commercial photography.

And this coming from a photo savvy creative (who, once upon a time, took lifestyle portraits for payment and was pretty darn good at it).

Actually, I’m still darn good at it, but have outgrown the oversaturated industry and decided to focus on my other creative interests.

I maintain my own visual brand in three ways: Quality stock photos (mainly for blog posts); professional photos (with my big girl camera); and finally, well thought out iPhone photos (is that a gasp I hear?).

Yes, I take iPhone photos and use them on my website. Yes, I snap quick pics and use them on Instagram. Yes, I’m not ashamed.

The truth is that your iPhone is capable of taking some pretty darn good photos. Keep in mind these three tips, and you’ll learn to take better iPhone pics for your online business, and make your visual brand pop.

Play with camera angles. This is true whether you’re using professional equipment or not. Don’t just stand there with a camera in front of your face. Get down and dirty, as in lay on your belly and move in close to your subjects. Or climb a ladder, and take a bird’s eye view. Pictures are boring when you don’t move around your subjects and showcase them from multiple angles, so get creative.

Take advantage of natural lighting. I know that flash has it’s place in professional photography, but I have personally never been a huge fan. Even when I was taking lifestyle portraits, I relied solely on natural light. The same principles are true for iPhone photography. Make sure you have access to lots of light, and position your subjects appropriately. You can even accomplish lens flare with an iPhone. If shooting indoors, position your subjects near a window, and don’t take photos too early in the morning or late at night. Quick tip: Always watch for shadows…because of how we hold our iPhones, you can unintentionally cast ugly shadows in your images. Move around your subjects or wait for better lighting if you can’t seem to rid the shadows.

Don’t skip the post processing. In digital photography, quality photography in camera is just as important as quality editing out of the camera. And my platform of choice is Adobe Lightroom. But, when we’re talking iPhone photography, we don’t always have the luxury or time to upload mobile photos to a desktop application. I mean, the point of taking iPhone pictures is to be able to seamlessly snap, edit and share them directly to our websites or social channels – from our phones. Luckily, there are tons of design and photo editing apps available, including my faves PicTapGo, PS Express and Fonta. Whatever you do, don’t skip the post processing!