The year of me

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I’ve made myself a promise.

I’m devoting the next 12 months to me.

That doesn’t mean I’m moving across the country and leaving my kids with their Daddy. Gosh no. I love them too much.

It means that I’m focusing on my health – physical, mental, emotional – and my soul.

After a tough couple of years and the addition of my second child, I decided it was now or never.

Here’s some things I’m planning. I figure if I write them down, I’m more likely to stick with them:

  • Make time to exercise 3-4 times/week (no excuses!)
  • Go on more date nights and weekend getaways (sans kids) with the hubs (our last big trip together was in 2010 before I got pregnant with Kassidy)
  • Get back into a routine of physical care (eye doc, dentist, chiropractor and dermatologist)
  • Make time to be creative for myself (create art for the house, finish furniture projects, shoot photos of the kids)
  • Run my second half marathon (the hubby and I are signed up for the BCS Half Marathon in December)
  • Eat clean
  • Make more homemade ice cream (why not?)
  • Don’t overbook myself or overschedule my family
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Experience new adventures close to home
  • Don’t just make promises. Follow through with them
  • Implement a social media and screen-time cleanse, esp. during family time
  • Be a kid more often
  • Read more for the heck of it
  • Work on relationships and friendships in real life, not from behind a screen
  • Be okay with down time
  • Stop telling my kids “later” and just do it now
  • Put away the to-do lists and just live

Life is hard. And it’s very easy to fall into a rut and forget who you are. And what’s most important to you. But I’m taking back what matters to me most and living each day with a renewed purpose.

Here’s to the year of me.

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