The Waiting List

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This picture has nothing to do with this post.
Except that I want to show off my newest niece — Miss Teagan Jayne Rabroker.

Do any of you ever read my blog, scratch your head and ask yourself, “Why does Jenna live in the middle of nowhere?”

Don’t lie. I’m sure some of you do.

Well, I’m about to give you at least one good reason.

It’s the same reason that for the most part, I feel like I live a pretty stress-free life — well, outside of work at least. I try to be content with what I have. I try not to worry about the dumb stuff. I don’t care about keeping up with the rest of the world. Brady and I just like to relax. And hang outside. And have friends over. And sing to the guitar. And drink on the back porch of the barn. And laugh at our animals.

Yep, it’s a pretty good life.

But, seriously guys, I’ve got to share another awesome reason for living out in the country near a small town.

And, you mothers and expectant mothers out there will be totally jealous.

I called the daycare in Franklin back in January to see if I could get on the waiting list for my unborn child. This is exactly how the conversation happened.

Me: “Yes ma’am. I’d like to get on the waiting list for my baby.”

Daycare girl: “Ma’am, how old is your child?”

Me: “Um. Um. Unborn? It won’t be here until July 16.”

Daycare girl: “Oh, well, you’re a tad bit early. We just need six weeks to get a spot ready. Why don’t you just come in and sign the paperwork once you’re on maternity leave?”

Me: “Um. Um. So, there’s not a waiting list I need to get on?”

Daycare girl: “Nope. We don’t ever have to worry about waiting lists. And with your child starting daycare in September, we’ll have already moved kids around for the new year. We’ll have room for your baby. Or we’ll make room.”

Me: “Okay. Sounds good. See you in July!”

Yep, there are no waiting lists in Franklin. And finding a daycare for my baby took all but 3 minutes. And while you can laugh and say, “Ah, well, it’s the only daycare in Franklin,” — which it is, it’s an awesome daycare. And it’s right across from the high school. And it’s cheap. And there are no waiting lists.

And it’s another reason why I love living near small towns.

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