College Impact Magazine

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Magazines. Definitely not dead, although others would say differently. But, if not done right, with the right audience in mind and the right messaging for that audience, they’re more of a time waster than a brand booster. At least that’s my two cents. A quick history on this particular mag. Transforming Lives had always been an alumni magazine created by the college without a clear purpose and goal in mind, meaning there were no call to actions, no opportunity to go online to give or become involved, no real measurement of who was even reading the dang thing. And let me tell you…it was not cheap to make, not cheap to print and not cheap to mail. I transitioned the magazine into an impact piece that showcased and highlighted the achievements of college faculty conducting cutting-edge and meaningful research, teaching and preparing education students for the changed profession, and offering … Read More

New Student Welcome Promo

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So, one challenge the college approached me with was the idea that the majority of our students didn’t affiliate themselves with the college, especially our health and kinesiology students. They knew their majors, maybe knew their departments, and didn’t even know the official name of the college. Truth. What were the reasons? A college spread out all over campus (in fact, health and kinesiology students never even entered the main college building for classes), a complete lack of education and understanding, and a very department-focused mentality. So, working with our advisors and recruiters, I decided that we needed to reach incoming freshmen, transfer and graduate students the moment they became Aggies – at new student orientations. Why not educate them from the very beginning? I bought branded flash drives and preloaded a one-page welcome file with helpful info to keep them engaged and connected to the college. The idea was … Read More

Aggie Teacher recruitment brochure

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I created this 12-page brochure for the College of Education and Human Development’s recruitment office. My goal with this piece? Encourage high school and community college students to think about education as a career option. This concept aligned completely with the college’s goal of increasing the number and type of students in their high-need teaching fields. As project lead, I crafted the messaging and directed the creative layout and design of the piece. My awesome graphic designer did the rest. Cool side note. This brochure earned me and my team a 2011 Brazos Bravo Award of Excellence for Publication Design by the International Association of Business Communicators, Brazos Valley chapter. Messaging is everything. Getting it right is the key.

AIAEE Informer newsletter

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This is my fourth edition of The Informer, the official newsletter of AIAEE. I inherited it in 2008 and was asked to give it a completely new look and feel. Although I am primarily responsible for layout and design, I occasionally supplement submitted articles with my own photography and even write some of the content myself when it is needed to help fill space. Here’s just one example of The Informer.