Why you shouldn’t build a website

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Why you shouldn't build a website | Lazy K Creative blog

A few weeks ago I had lunch with two of my favorite gals, and in between therapy sessions related to the real life pains of adulting, we talked about so many of the misdirections and misconceptions we see in marketing. And one of the biggest I see time and time again? Companies and businesses building websites. Newsflash. You should never build a website. Nope. Never. Now, hear me out before you question my ability to call myself a marketing expert. A website isn’t something to have. It isn’t a product. It isn’t something to mark off a checklist. It isn’t something to build. To own. To launch. I promise I’m getting to my punch line here. A website isn’t worth building unless you have a plan for it. A plan for why you need one in the first place. A purpose for it existing in cyber space. You should never build a website … Read More

Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web

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Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web | Lazy K Creative Blog

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the capacity to invest in a professional all the time, especially when it comes to commercial photography. And this coming from a photo savvy creative (who, once upon a time, took lifestyle portraits for payment and was pretty darn good at it). Actually, I’m still darn good at it, but have outgrown the oversaturated industry and decided to focus on my other creative interests. I maintain my own visual brand in three ways: Quality stock photos (mainly for blog posts); professional photos (with my big girl camera); and finally, well thought out iPhone photos (is that a gasp I hear?). Yes, I take iPhone photos and use them on my website. Yes, I snap quick pics and use them on Instagram. Yes, I’m not ashamed. The truth is that your iPhone is capable of taking some pretty darn good photos. Keep in mind these … Read More

New CEHD Web Launch

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Oh, web design, how I absolutely love and hate you. When I decided that enough was enough and that the college needed a complete web facelift, the current site was about three years old, managed through a custom CMS by a third-party, and well, awful. I did my research, scoped out a ton of our peer institution sites and conducted extensive focus groups with our target audience. I even talked my Dean into letting me hire our own full-time web designer to strictly manage the new site. It worked. Within a year of hiring Allison, we launched our new, and vastly improved, Drupal site. As project lead, I conceptualized the path we would take with the site, created a long-term strategy plan, developed the informational architecture and crafted the majority of the web content. Interesting side note. I think the college site was over 6,000 pages when we began. When … Read More