Savoring each season

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Savoring each season | The Lazy K Creative blog

I am a summer girl, meaning that I freakin’ love summer. I live in Texas, where some people curse our summers because they’re too hot, but to me, our summers bring long days for outside fun, a very small need for clothes and any excuse to turn on a water hose. And lots of icy treats. So, the rest of the year, I fall into a funk. Fall isn’t horrible because our days are still warm and there’s now football and tailgates galore. Spring isn’t awful, even though it can bring windy days and finicky weather. But, winter…well, I hate winter. There, I said it. I know winter means Christmas and the .0001% chance of snow here in the South, but that doesn’t cheer me up too much. I really hate winter. I hate that it’s already dark when i’m leaving work to go home. I hate that we can’t go outside … Read More

Spring Break 2014 Bucket List: A Recap

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Lazy K Creative Blog | Spring Break 2014 Bucket List: A Recap

As many of you know, I felt challenged to find something fun and unique for my family to experience together each day of Spring Break this year. For the first time EVER, I didn’t have to work the entire week, so I thought we might as well do stuff together as a family since we weren’t quite sick of each other yet. The challenge. It had to be close to home (within 60 miles or so), cheap, and something we hadn’t done before. Monday I really have to give my husband credit for the quest. Monday started out like any other Monday. We had plans to work all day, moving dirt and trying to get our yard ready to lay sod by the end of the week. Honestly, I didn’t have anything fun planned. But at 4 o’clock, and after putting in a long day’s work, Brady asked me and … Read More

Friday Ku-Tip: The magic tool

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Summer 2009 was our last time in Colorado. And I will always remember it for one very amusing reason. Our truck would not start when it was time to leave. Picture our Tundra loaded down with four people, two dogs, two bikes and enough crap to require a cargo net and straps to keep it from spilling out of the truck. Yeah, we were rockin’ it. And we could not figure out why our truck wouldn’t start. Dustin laughed and claimed it was because our truck couldn’t handle the cold weather. I blamed it on bad timing. But every time we started to get worried, Brady would run and get his dad and it would start up just fine. So much for deciding not to misbehave when Mr. Fix It was watching. So we pull out of Dustin’s driveway and begin the long trip home. Next stop. Walsenburg. To stretch … Read More

Blackmail From the Old School Vault: Vol. 2

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This picture was taken in 2006 at Miss Katelyn’s graduation party. Whoop! What is wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing. It is priceless. And reminds me of college. And Mexico. And the Corona Club. Oh, how I miss all these girls. And Acuña. And, Anna, don’t worry. It is not Katelyn’s mom behind the camera. It is Brady. That is why you look so excited to see him. 68 words.

Blackmail From the Old School Vault: Vol. 1

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These old school pictures are from 2002. I spent the majority of my summer studying abroad in Mexico with eight of my closest classmates. How we survived I’ll never know. I did a lot of stupid things in Mexico. These pictures prove it. How I know these pics are old. They were taken with a throw-away camera. Poor millennial generation. You don’t even know what a throw-away camera is. You’ve always used digital cameras, or better yet, a phone that has a camera squeezed right inside of it. Well, earlier this century, we didn’t have those luxuries. We had to use throw-away cameras if we went on vacation and then walk five miles in the snow uphill and barefoot to take the film to Wal-Mart to get developed. Gasp. We did not get to enjoy the pictures instantly. And, I still had to spend an entire afternoon scanning each picture … Read More

Grand Canyon Road Trip (3,073 miles)

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Day 1 (Friday, June 25) On the Road: Franklin, TX > Garden City, TX The Good: Massey didn’t fall out of the Jeep; cooled off in the Kujawski pool The Bad: Like every other trip out West, it rained on us near Wall, so we had to close up the Jeep The Ugly: Averaged 12.6 miles/gallon and it’s only going to get worse Pictured above: Can we be more loaded down? Day 2 (Saturday, June 26) On the Road Again: Garden City, TX > Tatum, NM > Roswell, NM > Clines Corners, NM > Grants, NM > Ojo Redondo campsite in Cibola National Forest The Good: Picnicked at the best free zoo in Roswell The Bad: Took us 1.5 hours to get to our campsite in the middle of a dang national forest (and it was only about 20 miles in) only to have to camp with a bunch of … Read More