Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web

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Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web | Lazy K Creative Blog

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the capacity to invest in a professional all the time, especially when it comes to commercial photography. And this coming from a photo savvy creative (who, once upon a time, took lifestyle portraits for payment and was pretty darn good at it). Actually, I’m still darn good at it, but have outgrown the oversaturated industry and decided to focus on my other creative interests. I maintain my own visual brand in three ways: Quality stock photos (mainly for blog posts); professional photos (with my big girl camera); and finally, well thought out iPhone photos (is that a gasp I hear?). Yes, I take iPhone photos and use them on my website. Yes, I snap quick pics and use them on Instagram. Yes, I’m not ashamed. The truth is that your iPhone is capable of taking some pretty darn good photos. Keep in mind these … Read More

Kassidy Reese | Spring Photo Shoot

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So being as how I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, I figured it would be a disgrace to all Texans if I didn’t get my annual bluebonnet pictures with my beautiful little girl, who by the way is almost 3! It’s true what they say – time really does fly by. Plus, this opportunity was a great time to try out my new lens. Even though the bluebonnets were on their last leg (I should have taken these about two weeks sooner), I still think the results speak for themselves. Next year I’ll know to scout out a good patch as soon as those little guys start blooming. And before we get a last minute spring freeze. This is by far my absolute favorite pic of the bunch! And the rest are all a close second. Enjoy! And finally, the many faces of Kassidy.

A few of my favorite things

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This post is long overdue. Long overdue. I always feel like I’m the last person to discover something. I mean, I’ve never said that I was cool. But lately, I’ve felt that coolness factor increase just a bit. Because, well, because as I begin to share all these cool finds with my new and old friends alike, I’ve come to discover that the majority of the time, they have never heard of it, until – wait for it – me! So, yeah, now I feel just a little bit cooler. And I want you to feel cool too. So check out some of my awesome finds. If you already know about them, then we are both equally cool. If you don’t, then you’re welcome. And please share with your friends so that they can be cool like us. And if you know of something awesome that I didn’t include, please … Read More

Kassidy Reese | 1 Year Photo Shoot

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So I know I’m behind in posting pictures and updates on a lot of things, but here’s some pictures of Miss Kassidy on her first birthday to tide you all over. I took these this past weekend in Franklin early in the morning. And my child was starving, so this was about all I could capture before we had to call it quits and head to the Burger Bar for breakfast. And just for the record, I tried my hardest to keep some dang shoes on this child’s feet, but she’s a country girl, and she prefers to go barefoot. Now in addition to Baby Walking Boot Camp, we are having Baby Shoe-Wearing Boot Camp. I have learned a very important lesson for my next kid. Put shoes on them when they don’t have the motor skills or attitude to take them off. I can only blame myself on this … Read More

Kassidy Reese | 6 Month Photo Shoot

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I took advantage of the mediocre weather yesterday and snapped some pictures of Kassidy on her half birthday. It was overcast but an abnormal 62 degrees outside — in January. Which allowed me to strip my little baby down into almost her birthday suit. I also set my camera to manual for the first time. If you’re a professional photographer, don’t laugh at me. If you’re not a professional photographer, be kinda impressed. It made me nervous, especially since babies can be smiling one minute and in tears the next, but I’m very happy with how these turned out. And Daddy did a great job singing to her and getting her to smile and make funny faces. He is a wonderful assistant. And free. Thank goodness. Oh, and Massey helped some too. All in all, I think these capture Kassidy’s personality pretty dang well. A little toot. A curious little … Read More

Kassidy’s Newborn Photo Shoot

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I took these pictures of Kassidy just one day shy of her 2-week birthday. Here’s how it went down. I fed her so I’d have a happy baby. I kept her awake so I’d have a tired baby. I stripped her down to her birthday suit so I could take pictures of a naked baby. Then I went outside. And Kassidy woke up. And she was no longer a happy, tired baby. And poor Brady was in charge of posing her and trying to keep her happy while I snapped pictures as fast as I could. But Kassidy wanted to prove that she was not happy with me, so she peed on my scarf. “Dang Kassidy!” as Pryce would say. But, I wouldn’t give up, and I think that these pictures speak for themselves. And I know that I will never, ever, ever, ever become a baby photographer. Ever. Kassidy … Read More

Baby Rambo

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Uncle Ray says that Kassidy looks like Rambo in these pics. I think she looks like our little brown-eyed baby.

Expecting Kassidy Photo Shoot

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These pictures were taken by my awesome husband, who laid in grass to try to get the angles I asked him to, put up with his bossy subject (Hi, me!) who was just trying to help him get some good pics, and even listened to me give him a quick 30-minute photography lesson. The result. I don’t think he will ever do this again. But, enjoy our attempt to capture me at 31 weeks pregnant with our first child. Brady, is of course, the man behind the camera. And I, of course, applied my magic editing to them. Disclaimer: No dogs were harmed in the taking of these photos. And, no dogs were staged. Massey put her paw on Baby K all by herself. Pinkie swear. Kujawski Photo ShootLocation: Lazy K Ranch, Franklin, TX  I want to know what you think too, so which picture is your favorite? 149 words.