Letting go

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Letting go | Lazy K Creative blog

Today I’m talking about motherhood. Because it is so rewarding and so gut-wrenching all at the same time. My daughter started Pre-K last week, and handled it like a champ, as expected. I was fine too, for the most part. I was happy there were no tears. Happy for her to have this experience. Excited for this next step for her. And a little sad. Sad for me mainly. Because even though my two kids are still really little, I’m already starting to get a real glimpse into what is to come. Letting go. She’s only four, and I am already starting to have to let her go. Kinda sucks. I thought I had at least 10 years before I had to worry myself with this. But for the first time in her little life, she didn’t seem so little. She didn’t seem so needy. And she just seemed ready. … Read More

When my little girl grows up, she doesn’t want to be like Mommy

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When my little girl grows up, she doesn't want to be like Mommy

My daughter is only four, but she’s seriously the smartest kid ever. And I can admit that because I’m not the only person that says it. Strangers tell me she’s smart, so I know it’s true. It’s probably because I treat her like an adult. We have adult conversations every day, esp. on car rides or around the kitchen table. Like yesterday for example. K: “Mommy, let’s talk about what I can be when I grow up.” Me: “Ok. Well, you can be a teacher like Daddy. Or you can build things like sandboxes or treehouses or big tall buildings.” K: “I want to be a builder.” Me: “Or you can be like Mommy. You can be super creative and design and take photos and…” K: “I don’t want to be like you Mommy. I don’t want to work on a computer. I want to do something fun.” Me: “Well, … Read More

A hole in the wall

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I know. It’s been forever since I’ve entertained you guys with my humor, but life has been busy, and some things…some things like blogging about the crazy things my kid does now so that I can embarrass her later have fallen to the wayside. But as I’m lying here in bed in my hospital room waiting for my second kid to make his debut, I finally have some free time. So back to that embarrassing story. Brady, me and Kassidy found ourselves at our newest favorite Mexican dive for lunch the other day. On cue, K announces she needs to go potty, so I take her and my 38-week pregnant self to the restroom. Even though the food at this place is amazing, their actual restaurant leaves something to be desired. So you can only imagine the caliber of their restrooms. K goes first, and then it’s my turn…finally. That’s … Read More

A day in the life of a #bossmom

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A day in the life of a boss mom

Or in my case, just a morning. As someone who’s still trying to figure out how to work from home and care for my child, let me be perfectly clear. It’s not easy. Being a full-time working Mom isn’t easy. Being a stay-at-home Mom isn’t easy. And trying to work from home isn’t easy either. All take sacrifices; all have their benefits and drawbacks; and all just take some time for everyone to get into a groove. And I’m still trying to find mine. My groove that is. So that brings me to this morning. I had signed up for a webinar over the weekend that I really wanted to attend. I’m a big proponent of professional development no matter your discipline; just ask anyone who’s ever worked for me. I’d send them all over the country just to learn new skills or develop existing ones. I’d like to think … Read More

My daughter licks my phone in public

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And I’m okay with it. I’m sure you’re wondering why a perfectly normal Mom would allow her perfectly adorable 2-year-old to lick her Smartphone, and I do have a very good explanation for that. And I’ll get to it. But first the back story. I tried out a free app at the recommendation of a friend called Apps Gone Free. Download it now if you haven’t already. It features apps daily that normally cost 99 cents or more but are currently offered for free. They claim to only feature apps with a 3-star rating or higher and have no advertisements. I check it daily. It’s addicting. My best finds so far have been educational games for Kassidy. And two of my absolute faves are Grandpa’s Workshop and Grandma’s Kitchen. Here’s the lowdown on each. Grandpa’s Workshop: Help Grandpa paint furniture, fix broken pieces, choose appropriate tools, and count and measure … Read More

Memories I want for my child

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Memories I want for my child | Lazy K Creative blog

I am a mother of a 2-year-old and counting. Which means that all the things we experienced together, good or bad, up to this point she probably won’t remember. True, as most memory-obsessed Moms of today, I’ll have plenty of pictures to show her those memories, but they won’t actually be her own. All the cuddles, and snuggles, and waking up in the middle of the night to feed her, and love her, and take care of her when she was sick. Nope. Won’t remember. All the hellos and goodbyes, and first crawls and first walks and first Christmases. Nada. Kassidy won’t have even the slightest recollection of that. But today is different. Because today, and every day after, Kassidy will be able to have a memory, good or bad, and be able to one day look back on her childhood and say, “I remember when Massey ate my corndog. … Read More

The ultimate namesake

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Lazy K Creative Blog | The ultimate namesake

I’ve always wanted someone to be named after me. Not just named Jenna because they liked the name Jenna. No. I always thought it would be cool for someone to tell me how much I’ve influenced them or mentored them or just made them smile. And then one day decide to name their sweet little girl after me. Or even a pet. A dog named Jenna. I’m cool with that. Well Kassidy decided to give me the best birthday gift ever. Technically, she did this a few days ago, but today’s my 32nd birthday so it’s close enough. She’s just now at an age where she can have imaginative play. And she’s been learning that Mommy’s name is Jenna and Daddy’s name is Brady. Before now, it was “What is the name of your baby?” “Baby.” “What is puppy’s name?” “Puppy.” “What are your chickens’ names?” “Chicken.” You get the … Read More

Rectangles are not squares

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Every parent thinks his or her child is a super genius, but we all know this just isn’t true. We can’t help it. We’re parents. It’s our job to think our kids are the best and smartest at everything. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Kassidy is one super smart cookie. Why can I be so sure? Because only my poor daughter has ultra-perfectionist parents. Yep, even Brady is way more of a super smart perfectionist than he appeared to be in high school. He tells me that was all an act. So when my students would gripe that I was a hard teacher, I would tell them to be glad I wasn’t their Mom. Because Kassidy, well poor Kassidy has been taught that roosters and chickens are different animals that make different sounds, that a goat and a sheep say different things, and that light … Read More

Mother/daughter shopping trip

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Last week I loaded my munchkin in the truck and headed to town for the day. I was seeing what it felt like to be a stay-at-home mommy and getting out of Brady’s hair so that he could do manly things like weed eat and round up fence lines. Double win. I also wanted the chance to stop in and visit one of my favorite Aggie professors who would be in Namibia for a month by week’s end. So like every other trip into town, I packed quickly and efficiently for the 35-40 minute drive, knowing I’d be away from the house for 5-6 hours or so. Diapers. Check. Milk. Check. Extra clothes. Nah. Kassidy stays fairly clean nowadays. Boy was I wrong. I forgot that trying to park on campus was harder than giving birth. And I should know. After circling around West campus and completing a handful of … Read More

Awwww Man

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Ever since Kassidy could hold her head up, we’ve tried to establish our bedtime routine. It goes something like this: Bath time Chase naked baby around the house time PJ time Comb out tangles time Mommy/daughter snuggle time Milk time Story time Prayer time Good night kisses time And finally off to bed time! And from the beginning, after we finish reading our book, we fold Kassidy’s hands, bow our heads, and say our good-night prayer together as a family, ending with a very loud, and very proud, A-men. And Kassidy’s favorite part is the very loud, very drawn-out A-men. Until the other night, when she enthusiastically waved her folded hands out in front of her, scrunched her little nose, and very loudly and proudly said Awwww Man. Sorry God, that’s just Kassidy. The same Kassidy that also likes to run away from her Mommy after bath time so she … Read More