Why you shouldn’t build a website

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Why you shouldn't build a website | Lazy K Creative blog

A few weeks ago I had lunch with two of my favorite gals, and in between therapy sessions related to the real life pains of adulting, we talked about so many of the misdirections and misconceptions we see in marketing. And one of the biggest I see time and time again? Companies and businesses building websites. Newsflash. You should never build a website. Nope. Never. Now, hear me out before you question my ability to call myself a marketing expert. A website isn’t something to have. It isn’t a product. It isn’t something to mark off a checklist. It isn’t something to build. To own. To launch. I promise I’m getting to my punch line here. A website isn’t worth building unless you have a plan for it. A plan for why you need one in the first place. A purpose for it existing in cyber space. You should never build a website … Read More

Inside Lazy K Creative | The story behind my personal brand

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Inside Lazy K Creative | The story behind my personal brand | The Lazy K Creative blog

In a nutshell, branding is your identity packaged into a little visual present for the world. It’s you – your quirks, your beliefs, your expertise, your passions, your goals and your values – integrated into your biz. Your brand should be a realistic reflection of who you are as a person, and that visual message should be easy for potential clients to recognize, comprehend, and relate. It’s not complicated. And it shouldn’t be. So, curious what goes into building, or reinventing, your own brand? Let’s look inside my own business – Lazy K Creative. What’s in a name? I dreamed, and struggled, for years about what to call myself. I hated my last name – Kujawski – because really, who can say it let alone spell it. I didn’t want to go down that road. I played around with variations of my first name – Jenna – and almost settled … Read More

College Impact Magazine

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Magazines. Definitely not dead, although others would say differently. But, if not done right, with the right audience in mind and the right messaging for that audience, they’re more of a time waster than a brand booster. At least that’s my two cents. A quick history on this particular mag. Transforming Lives had always been an alumni magazine created by the college without a clear purpose and goal in mind, meaning there were no call to actions, no opportunity to go online to give or become involved, no real measurement of who was even reading the dang thing. And let me tell you…it was not cheap to make, not cheap to print and not cheap to mail. I transitioned the magazine into an impact piece that showcased and highlighted the achievements of college faculty conducting cutting-edge and meaningful research, teaching and preparing education students for the changed profession, and offering … Read More

New CEHD Web Launch

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Oh, web design, how I absolutely love and hate you. When I decided that enough was enough and that the college needed a complete web facelift, the current site was about three years old, managed through a custom CMS by a third-party, and well, awful. I did my research, scoped out a ton of our peer institution sites and conducted extensive focus groups with our target audience. I even talked my Dean into letting me hire our own full-time web designer to strictly manage the new site. It worked. Within a year of hiring Allison, we launched our new, and vastly improved, Drupal site. As project lead, I conceptualized the path we would take with the site, created a long-term strategy plan, developed the informational architecture and crafted the majority of the web content. Interesting side note. I think the college site was over 6,000 pages when we began. When … Read More