Arts at the Lake 2013 Art Trail magazine

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Lazy K Creative Blog | Arts at the Lake 2013 Art Trail magazine

I just finished designing this 28-page art magazine for a local organization – Arts at the Lake. If you live anywhere near the Brazos Valley, love art and can’t afford to go to the Aggie game that weekend, then plan on checking out this art trail. Pretty cool that we have something like this here. This year’s art trail won’t happen until Nov. 2-3, but you can get an idea of what it has to offer by checking out this year’s magazine. To see how far this art trail magazine has come, check out last year’s brochure.

College Impact Magazine

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Magazines. Definitely not dead, although others would say differently. But, if not done right, with the right audience in mind and the right messaging for that audience, they’re more of a time waster than a brand booster. At least that’s my two cents. A quick history on this particular mag. Transforming Lives had always been an alumni magazine created by the college without a clear purpose and goal in mind, meaning there were no call to actions, no opportunity to go online to give or become involved, no real measurement of who was even reading the dang thing. And let me tell you…it was not cheap to make, not cheap to print and not cheap to mail. I transitioned the magazine into an impact piece that showcased and highlighted the achievements of college faculty conducting cutting-edge and meaningful research, teaching and preparing education students for the changed profession, and offering … Read More