DIY repurposed pallet sign with hand painted letters for little girl’s room

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DIY repurposed pallet sign | Lazy K Designs

So this isn’t my first repurposed pallet sign, but I’ve had so many people ask how I make these that I wanted to show a quick step-by-step process. They’re not hard once you get the hang of them, but they can be tedious. Lucky for you I’ve figured out how to cut as many corners as possible. You’re welcome. Supplies you will need: Pallet boards Sandpaper Nail gun Paint Paint pen Poly Pencil or pen Carbon paper Eye hooks and wire for hanging First thing I do is make my hubby dismantle the pallets. I then lay out the pallets so they fit together nicely and measure the full size, i.e. 24×48 inches. This tells me how large I need to make my canvas when I’m designing my saying in PhotoShop. Few things to note. The pallets will not fit together perfectly and they don’t need to…it’s supposed to look … Read More

DIY: Texas Country song lyric coasters

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I had so much fun making these babies. I love taking unused items around the house and turning them into something unique and functional. I had seen several DIY photo coaster projects on Pinterest and hanging out on the web, but I honestly didn’t want to do the same ole idea as everyone else. Plus, photos get dated very fast, and I wanted something that would stand the test of time. Enter my obsession with all things music. Personally, I’m not musical at all. I think I scare people when I sing at church. I have been known to play an amateur rendition of Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. And that was back in the 5th grade. But even though I’m musically challenged, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some good tunes. Plus, it helps that my husband can sing and play the guitar like a crazy guy. And we … Read More

DIY: Child’s hand print Christmas manger craft

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I know there are a lot of hand print crafts out there for children, but this one is my absolute fav. Probably because it’s accompanied with a sweet little saying that makes it that much more special. So I decided to enlist the help of my little one to make these as awesome grandparent gifts for Christmas. I used a very thin (1/8″ thick) piece of leftover wood that I had lying around to make these. Each board measured approximately 9 3/4″ wide by 11 1/2″ high. Yours don’t have to be exact. I sanded the edges real fast just to make sure no little fingers were harmed in the making of these. Then you get to painting! I used acrylic craft paint, and it worked just fine. First, paint the entire board a light blue. Let it dry, about 20-30 minutes. Next, carefully paint the palm of your little … Read More

DIY: One-minute fire starters

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Lazy K Creative Blog | DIY: One-minute fire starters

I had never even heard of a fire starter until I married my husband. Fire memories for me have always included the following: They happened about once a year; you know, that one day it got cold in Southeast Texas My sister and I would camp out by the fire, watch movies, color, build a fort, fight. You know, normal sister fun. Someone, or something, always “caught” fire, usually our rug, blanket, or shirt. Those damn sparks. Once we were done with the fire, the ashes usually stayed there until our next fire, so at least 12 months. So fires have always held special memories for me. So when Brady told me a few months ago that he wanted to make fire starters so that we could have lots of campfires this winter (meaning, make lots of s’mores), I was intrigued. Turns out, they are super easy to make and … Read More

Just call me Martha Stewart: DIY Rustic Christmas Stocking

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I have been officially sewing since January, and by officially, I mean that I have sewn a Pebbles costume for Kassidy for Halloween, two taggies for two very well-deserving little babies, and finally — Kassidy’s Christmas stocking! I won’t even tell you that every time I approach a new sewing project, I usually have to sew at least one, sometimes two, practice projects first. Okay, I guess I will tell you. Because it’s too funny not to. Just ask Kassidy how her first Pebbles costume fit. Because, well, it didn’t. And Brady forced it over her head anyway. Poor baby. We had to literally cut her out of it. And limit her food intake in the process. Nevertheless, as soon as Kassidy was born last July, I knew that I wanted to make her Christmas stocking, because I am a snob when it comes to Christmas decorations. And because I … Read More

DIY: Baby yellow braided scarf headband goes to the Pumpkin Patch

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Holy crap, I’m crafty. Who would have thought? Not me. So just this week I decided to visit Etsy to check out all their cute, vintage baby headbands. This is when I realized where all the cute baby stuff resides — accessories, dresses, tights, jewelry. You name it. You can find it here. But being the money-conscience person that I am, I just couldn’t find it in me to spend any money on anything for Kassidy. I mean, the girl has enough clothes from Mia and Teagan to cover her little butt until she’s 18. And while most of you admit that your little girls cost you an arm and a leg, I have to sadly admit that I honestly have spent maybe $50 on her, with the most expensive clothing purchase being a $15.99 Dallas cowboys onsie because Brady just had to have it. Read had to have it. … Read More