Savoring each season

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Savoring each season | The Lazy K Creative blog

I am a summer girl, meaning that I freakin’ love summer. I live in Texas, where some people curse our summers because they’re too hot, but to me, our summers bring long days for outside fun, a very small need for clothes and any excuse to turn on a water hose. And lots of icy treats. So, the rest of the year, I fall into a funk. Fall isn’t horrible because our days are still warm and there’s now football and tailgates galore. Spring isn’t awful, even though it can bring windy days and finicky weather. But, winter…well, I hate winter. There, I said it. I know winter means Christmas and the .0001% chance of snow here in the South, but that doesn’t cheer me up too much. I really hate winter. I hate that it’s already dark when i’m leaving work to go home. I hate that we can’t go outside … Read More

Letting go

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Letting go | Lazy K Creative blog

Today I’m talking about motherhood. Because it is so rewarding and so gut-wrenching all at the same time. My daughter started Pre-K last week, and handled it like a champ, as expected. I was fine too, for the most part. I was happy there were no tears. Happy for her to have this experience. Excited for this next step for her. And a little sad. Sad for me mainly. Because even though my two kids are still really little, I’m already starting to get a real glimpse into what is to come. Letting go. She’s only four, and I am already starting to have to let her go. Kinda sucks. I thought I had at least 10 years before I had to worry myself with this. But for the first time in her little life, she didn’t seem so little. She didn’t seem so needy. And she just seemed ready. … Read More

I’m sorry for being sorry

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I'm sorry for being sorry

You know that moment in a job interview where you’re asked, “What’s your greatest weakness?” and we all blurt out something generic like, “I’m a perfectionist.” Well, it’s only taken me 33+ years to realize it, but I honestly have a major weakness – I’m a chronic apologizer. I’ve been doing it my entire life, apologizing for getting good grades in high school, for being smart, for knowing the answer, for having self confidence, for being damn good at my job, for having a well-mannered dog, for having two adorable children, for having a beautiful home. All of it. I’ve said I was sorry for all the good things in my life before saying anything else. Well I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve realized I apologize because I don’t want others to feel bad or for them to think I gloat. But the thing is, the majority of the people that … Read More

The year of me

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I’ve made myself a promise. I’m devoting the next 12 months to me. That doesn’t mean I’m moving across the country and leaving my kids with their Daddy. Gosh no. I love them too much. It means that I’m focusing on my health – physical, mental, emotional – and my soul. After a tough couple of years and the addition of my second child, I decided it was now or never. Here’s some things I’m planning. I figure if I write them down, I’m more likely to stick with them: Make time to exercise 3-4 times/week (no excuses!) Go on more date nights and weekend getaways (sans kids) with the hubs (our last big trip together was in 2010 before I got pregnant with Kassidy) Get back into a routine of physical care (eye doc, dentist, chiropractor and dermatologist) Make time to be creative for myself (create art for the … Read More

Spring Break 2014 Bucket List: A Recap

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Lazy K Creative Blog | Spring Break 2014 Bucket List: A Recap

As many of you know, I felt challenged to find something fun and unique for my family to experience together each day of Spring Break this year. For the first time EVER, I didn’t have to work the entire week, so I thought we might as well do stuff together as a family since we weren’t quite sick of each other yet. The challenge. It had to be close to home (within 60 miles or so), cheap, and something we hadn’t done before. Monday I really have to give my husband credit for the quest. Monday started out like any other Monday. We had plans to work all day, moving dirt and trying to get our yard ready to lay sod by the end of the week. Honestly, I didn’t have anything fun planned. But at 4 o’clock, and after putting in a long day’s work, Brady asked me and … Read More

Memories I want for my child

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Memories I want for my child | Lazy K Creative blog

I am a mother of a 2-year-old and counting. Which means that all the things we experienced together, good or bad, up to this point she probably won’t remember. True, as most memory-obsessed Moms of today, I’ll have plenty of pictures to show her those memories, but they won’t actually be her own. All the cuddles, and snuggles, and waking up in the middle of the night to feed her, and love her, and take care of her when she was sick. Nope. Won’t remember. All the hellos and goodbyes, and first crawls and first walks and first Christmases. Nada. Kassidy won’t have even the slightest recollection of that. But today is different. Because today, and every day after, Kassidy will be able to have a memory, good or bad, and be able to one day look back on her childhood and say, “I remember when Massey ate my corndog. … Read More

Aggie cousins

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And there they are. Three of the cutest members of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2033. I’m thinking they have the looks and the brains. And, maybe, just maybe, the Ags may win a National Championship in 2033. And I’ll be rich so I will actually be able to afford to go to every game and the Championship bowl. And the girls will let me, Tiffany and Kendra hang out with them at the Chicken. But with inflation, a burger and Tijuana fries will cost $30, so it’s a good thing I will be rich. I am married to a teacher. It. is. possible. And we’ll be the coolest moms. You know we will. Stop laughing. Mia (11 months), Kassidy (3 months) and Teagan (7 months) Gig’em.

If you ain’t first, you’re last

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While my sister is skinny, I’m getting larger by the day. Or at least second. Or in my case, fourth. Right behind my two sister-in-laws and my sister. But, being the last to produce a kid on both sides of the family has its advantages. I can practice on theirs and do the opposite with my own. My sister can show me everything I actually need to register for. And everything I don’t. Free maternity and baby hand-me-downs save me money. I can teach my nieces and nephews bad habits and it doesn’t really affect me. I totally learn what not to do. I am owed tons and tons of free babysitting services that I plan to cash in on. I have more time to save up for daycare and diapers. The baby excitement has calmed down, which means less pressure in all things kid related. But, with all the … Read More

You Know You’re An Aggie If…

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…your bed wears maroon. Thank you Mom and Grandma for my Fightin’ Texas Aggie quilt. Whoop! Mom, even though it took you seven years since I graduated from college, you’re still awesome. And, this helps me to not feel so guilty about buying all those unnecessary T-shirts as a college student. Whoop for buying 200 T-shirts. And whoop for spending my rent and grocery money on them. And whoop for my bed getting to wear those T-shirts years later. It. was. so. worth. it. 84 words.

Sisters Say the Darndest Things: Vol. 2

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My sister says the darndest things. And she’s a creeper. A while back, my family was sitting around a table at the Horseshoe Cafe in Franklin, America, eating our yummy lunch and poking fun at one another. The target this particular day was my sister, and she was an easy target because at this point in her life, she didn’t have Internet or cable. Or more than two local channels that actually worked. So, as usual, I was making fun of her. “How the heck do you even know what’s going on in the world?” “I don’t,” she tells me in her matter-of-fact tone. “Hell, I didn’t even know the cost of stamps had gone up!” “Seriously?” We’re all laughing pretty hard at this point. “Oh, you think that’s funny?” she yells back at me, laughing. “Try having ALL your mail returned!” Poor Kendra. Two cents short. So her mail … Read More