Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web

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Three ways to take better iPhone pics for social media and web | Lazy K Creative Blog

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the capacity to invest in a professional all the time, especially when it comes to commercial photography. And this coming from a photo savvy creative (who, once upon a time, took lifestyle portraits for payment and was pretty darn good at it). Actually, I’m still darn good at it, but have outgrown the oversaturated industry and decided to focus on my other creative interests. I maintain my own visual brand in three ways: Quality stock photos (mainly for blog posts); professional photos (with my big girl camera); and finally, well thought out iPhone photos (is that a gasp I hear?). Yes, I take iPhone photos and use them on my website. Yes, I snap quick pics and use them on Instagram. Yes, I’m not ashamed. The truth is that your iPhone is capable of taking some pretty darn good photos. Keep in mind these … Read More

DIY repurposed pallet sign with hand painted letters for little girl’s room

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DIY repurposed pallet sign | Lazy K Designs

So this isn’t my first repurposed pallet sign, but I’ve had so many people ask how I make these that I wanted to show a quick step-by-step process. They’re not hard once you get the hang of them, but they can be tedious. Lucky for you I’ve figured out how to cut as many corners as possible. You’re welcome. Supplies you will need: Pallet boards Sandpaper Nail gun Paint Paint pen Poly Pencil or pen Carbon paper Eye hooks and wire for hanging First thing I do is make my hubby dismantle the pallets. I then lay out the pallets so they fit together nicely and measure the full size, i.e. 24×48 inches. This tells me how large I need to make my canvas when I’m designing my saying in PhotoShop. Few things to note. The pallets will not fit together perfectly and they don’t need to…it’s supposed to look … Read More

DIY: Texas Country song lyric coasters

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I had so much fun making these babies. I love taking unused items around the house and turning them into something unique and functional. I had seen several DIY photo coaster projects on Pinterest and hanging out on the web, but I honestly didn’t want to do the same ole idea as everyone else. Plus, photos get dated very fast, and I wanted something that would stand the test of time. Enter my obsession with all things music. Personally, I’m not musical at all. I think I scare people when I sing at church. I have been known to play an amateur rendition of Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. And that was back in the 5th grade. But even though I’m musically challenged, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some good tunes. Plus, it helps that my husband can sing and play the guitar like a crazy guy. And we … Read More

Arts at the Lake 2013 Art Trail magazine

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Lazy K Creative Blog | Arts at the Lake 2013 Art Trail magazine

I just finished designing this 28-page art magazine for a local organization – Arts at the Lake. If you live anywhere near the Brazos Valley, love art and can’t afford to go to the Aggie game that weekend, then plan on checking out this art trail. Pretty cool that we have something like this here. This year’s art trail won’t happen until Nov. 2-3, but you can get an idea of what it has to offer by checking out this year’s magazine. To see how far this art trail magazine has come, check out last year’s brochure.

AIAEE Informer newsletter

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This is my fourth edition of The Informer, the official newsletter of AIAEE. I inherited it in 2008 and was asked to give it a completely new look and feel. Although I am primarily responsible for layout and design, I occasionally supplement submitted articles with my own photography and even write some of the content myself when it is needed to help fill space. Here’s just one example of The Informer.

25th AIAEE Conference Program

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Because of my involvement with AIAEE long after I graduated from my master’s program at Texas A&M, I was asked to design the conference program and schedule for AIAEE‘s 25th Annual Conference, which just happened to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I also got to tag along for the week and bring Brady too! It made for a very nice and educational vacation. Second trip to Puerto Rico for me, but the first for Brady. I love the culture and cuisine of this little island paradise. And the best part? You don’t even need a passport.

AIAEE brochure

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This is the second design project I’ve been asked to do for AIAEE. Their current brochure was outdated, so they asked me to design a new brochure for them. Since I had already developed a visual “brand” for them for their newsletter, I made sure to use those same visual elements in the brochure to tie all their print pieces together. I also went with a bi-fold brochure. Tri-folds are so last year.