Savoring each season

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Savoring each season | The Lazy K Creative blog

I am a summer girl, meaning that I freakin’ love summer.

I live in Texas, where some people curse our summers because they’re too hot, but to me, our summers bring long days for outside fun, a very small need for clothes and any excuse to turn on a water hose. And lots of icy treats.

So, the rest of the year, I fall into a funk. Fall isn’t horrible because our days are still warm and there’s now football and tailgates galore. Spring isn’t awful, even though it can bring windy days and finicky weather. But, winter…well, I hate winter.

There, I said it.

I know winter means Christmas and the .0001% chance of snow here in the South, but that doesn’t cheer me up too much.

I really hate winter.

I hate that it’s already dark when i’m leaving work to go home. I hate that we can’t go outside without first spending an eternity (I have small kids) putting clothes on so we don’t freeze to death. I hate that our beautiful home looks completely dead and brown. I hate that we’re stuck inside the majority of the time.

But, I’m working on that hate.

Because I told my husband that I need to find a reason to savor each season, not just because I should, but because why should I not?

Each seasons brings with it a purpose. And instead of focusing on all the reasons to hate, I rather focus my energy on all the reasons to look forward to a particular time of year.

Which should make June get here faster, right?

One easy way for me to do this is to plan special adventures for my family throughout the year, so that we start to associate different times of the year with new experiences and exciting opportunities.

I know this seems small and insignificant, but truthfully, this has been a game changer for me.

So, this winter, we’ll beat the chilly blues with a trip to an indoor water park, and celebrate February with a private concert at our house with friends.

And, early spring, we’ll plan a camping trip to a state park just down the road.

Of course, our late spring and summer will be full of opportunities for exploring, but as we hit the cooler fall months, I’m thinking a more elaborate camping trip might be just right.

And as soon as my kids are old enough, you better believe we’ll throw in a ski trip or two.

So, whether you call it choosing to see the glass half full or staying busy so I don’t have time to dwell, at any rate, I’m choosing not to hate.

Instead, I’m learning to deal. And slowly appreciate.