New Student Welcome Promo

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So, one challenge the college approached me with was the idea that the majority of our students didn’t affiliate themselves with the college, especially our health and kinesiology students. They knew their majors, maybe knew their departments, and didn’t even know the official name of the college. Truth.

What were the reasons? A college spread out all over campus (in fact, health and kinesiology students never even entered the main college building for classes), a complete lack of education and understanding, and a very department-focused mentality.

So, working with our advisors and recruiters, I decided that we needed to reach incoming freshmen, transfer and graduate students the moment they became Aggies – at new student orientations. Why not educate them from the very beginning? I bought branded flash drives and preloaded a one-page welcome file with helpful info to keep them engaged and connected to the college.

The idea was that students would actually use the flash drive for classes during their college career, and with consistent college branding, they’d know where they belonged.

New Student Welcome Promo

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