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Oh, web design, how I absolutely love and hate you.

When I decided that enough was enough and that the college needed a complete web facelift, the current site was about three years old, managed through a custom CMS by a third-party, and well, awful.

I did my research, scoped out a ton of our peer institution sites and conducted extensive focus groups with our target audience. I even talked my Dean into letting me hire our own full-time web designer to strictly manage the new site. It worked. Within a year of hiring Allison, we launched our new, and vastly improved, Drupal site.

As project lead, I conceptualized the path we would take with the site, created a long-term strategy plan, developed the informational architecture and crafted the majority of the web content.

Interesting side note. I think the college site was over 6,000 pages when we began. When we launched the new site, it was less than 300. Yes, you can have too much information. It’s called information overload.

Old CEHD Site

New CEHD Site

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