Inside Lazy K Creative | The story behind my personal brand

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Inside Lazy K Creative | The story behind my personal brand | The Lazy K Creative blog

In a nutshell, branding is your identity packaged into a little visual present for the world. It’s you – your quirks, your beliefs, your expertise, your passions, your goals and your values – integrated into your biz. Your brand should be a realistic reflection of who you are as a person, and that visual message should be easy for potential clients to recognize, comprehend, and relate.

It’s not complicated. And it shouldn’t be.

So, curious what goes into building, or reinventing, your own brand?

Let’s look inside my own business – Lazy K Creative.

What’s in a name? I dreamed, and struggled, for years about what to call myself. I hated my last name – Kujawski – because really, who can say it let alone spell it. I didn’t want to go down that road. I played around with variations of my first name – Jenna – and almost settled on Imojen, but it seemed fake. I just didn’t feel it. One completely normal Saturday it hit me. Everything I had built in my life, everything I had worked so hard for, was right in front of me. My little oasis in the country, my family-focused lifestyle, my own creative world, the life that my hubby and I built with lots of hard work, sweat and poison ivy – the Lazy K Ranch. So taking those ideals, those beliefs, and using that to guide my business made sense. And Lazy K Creative was born.

One signature mark. It’s obvious that a logo is the best representation of your brand, which is I why I firmly believe in creating something unique to you, something that you believe in that can visually tell your own story. I will never understand the concept of a premade logo because you’re allowing your brand to conform to an identity that wasn’t designed to tell your story. My mark is simple. The rotated K is the same rotated K hanging on my front gate. The same rotated K hanging above my mantle. The same rotated K you’ll spot on a farm animal or two. It’s easily recognizable, easily explainable and easily transformable as my business grows and changes. It doesn’t just tell my story – it is my story.

Own it and live it. If you ask anyone close to me who is Lazy K, they will never hesitate and say “Jenna and Brady.” In fact, so many of my friends, family and clients refer to me (personally and professionally) as the Lazy K family. The Lazy K Ranch is part of daily convos if I’m planning an evening with friends or a birthday party for my kids. Heck, I just opened my home up to one of my favorite artists for a Lazy K house concert, and he was excited to be invited back to the Lazy K. Yes, we are that Lazy K family. And we live this Lazy K life. And I am a Lazy K boss. And Lazy K has become synonymous with me, my family, my life and my work.

Which leads me to…

Staking your claim. If I’m going to be known for something – own something – I better fight for it. And, I’ve staked my claim all over social media and the web. Like I’ve already said, my business brand is an extension of me, so I’m able to create consistencies in both my personal and work life. Check out Instagram, and you’ll be able to follow my stories at #lazykfamily2015, #lazykhome, #lazykranch and #lazykcreative.

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