How to stay organized and kick butt in both work and life | part two

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How to stay organized and kick butt in both work and life | part two

Because so many of you enjoyed my first post on how to organize your life and really kick butt, I’m back with more.

Remember, these are just some of the little things I’ve discovered over time that have really helped me, and my family, get through the day, actually enjoy each other, and feel like we’re not on a sinking ship.

I mean, my hubby and I actually get time for back porch coffee drinking most weekends, so we’ve got to be doing something right. Right?

Tip #1. I memorized my credit card. It’s awesome. I can buy things online without having to get my wallet out of my purse or find my credit card. It’s also really bad because I can buy things online without having to find my wallet or my credit card. Which means I buy too many things online. While that’s a problem I’m working on (I’m trying this new cash allowance thing), it’s still very helpful. What few bills aren’t automatically drafted from my checking account, I can usually pay in less than 5 minutes. Just for grins, I’ve also memorized my DL license #, SS # and most of the SS# for my hubby and kids. It’s fantastic.

Tip #2. I’m all about a centralized online bill payment process. Look, I know it sucks, but the reality is that you’re going to have to pay your bills, so you might as well have as many of them automatically paid as you can. About 90% of all my bills are automatically drafted from my checking account. The rest of my bills I pay online the 10th of each month (you can call your merchants and have them move your due dates to coincide with other bills you have to pay). So, one day a month, I get on my phone or computer and pay four measly bills. And since I have my credit card memorized, I’m done in 5 minutes. Then I can actually do something I like, like go for a run, color with Kassidy, or just be a couch potato.

Tip #3. My hubby and I have come up with a great way to organize our receipts. We keep manilla folders in a file cabinet, labeled A-E, F-I, J-M, N-S, T-Z. We file our receipts alphabetically in these folders. So, if I decide to return that scarf to Target, I simply look in the T-Z folder for my Target receipt, and tada! We do this a year at a time, so from January through December. Once tax season hits, we usually spend a weekend finding what receipts we need for our taxes, and then we’re done. Once our taxes have been submitted, we gather up all the receipts (alphabetically, of course) and put them in a shoe box in our attic. If, for whatever reason, we need to go back to an old receipt, I can put my fingers on it in just a few minutes. It’s a pretty glorious system.

Tip #4. I love cooking. And so does my hubby. Not as much as me, but yes, you’ll find him in the kitchen, and yes, if he beats me home from work he’ll attempt to start supper. Well, he didn’t used to…that is, until we came up with a simple way for him to know what to cook (his excuse was always coming up with the idea). My recipes are stored in one of two locations:

1) Older recipes before the smartphone craze are organized in an actual recipe book. My hubby knows where this is.

2) All new recipes live in my personal Pinterest account. I have two boards, one called My Cookbook and the other called Recipes to Try. If I’ve never made it, it’s in the latter. If I have, and we liked it, it gets moved to our cookbook board.

My little secret is that my sweet hubby let me download Pinterest onto his phone (shhh, don’t let his friends know), so if he needs to access a recipe for supper, he can handle it all on his own. He’ll want me to add that he doesn’t, nor will he ever, use Pinterest for anything else. Ever.

Hope these tips can help you take control of your daily routine and make some of those annoying stresses a little less annoying. Getting organized and taking control of your life is such an awesome feeling.

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