Friday Ku-Tip: If It Looks Like Flour, It’s Not Flour

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I love my mother-in-law. She cracks us up. And she admits it.

And she loves to sabotage our healthy eating habits by baking yummy, 2,000-calorie sweets. And leaving them on the counter so we can’t pass them up.

And we usually give in. Except in those very rare cases when a dog treat would taste better than her baking concoctions.

And, while 9 times out of 10, her treats are tasty, there is always that one time

That one time that my sweet mother-in-law slaved away in my kitchen to make me, Brady and Daniel homemade cookies while we were outside sweating off our first-born kid working on the barn.

And everything seemed fine until she took her first batch out of the oven.

The perfectly rounded cookies had disappeared into a cookie sheet of runny mess.

Did the missing sock leprechaun move to my oven and destroy our cookies?

Nope. That would have been the obvious culprit.

What actually happened was that my mother-in-law did not realize that while flour and powdered sugar look alike, they do not make cookies bake alike. Or taste alike. Or do anything alike for that matter.

And our labeled canisters must not have helped either.

Ku-Tip: If it looks like flour and tastes like powdered sugar, it’s powdered sugar.

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