Friday Ku-Tip: If I had only known

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If I had only known that I would be pregnant at this very moment, there’s a few things I would not have done.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

  • Bought my awesome pair of skinny jeans. No, they were not on sale and I maybe got three months wear out of them.
  • Mentally prepared to run the Dallas Rock N’ Roll half marathon in March. Not gonna happen. Brady is glad it’s not gonna happen. I think he got me pregnant just so he wouldn’t have to run this race.
  • Promised the in-laws we’d go to Colorado this summer. I’ll be 8 months pregnant. My insurance is only good in BCS. Not going out of the state, let alone the area.
  • Finally discovered my most favorite wine. I’ll see you in nine months.

So, with all that said, there will be a Lazy K Estate Sale coming soon. We will be selling all of our goodies for double what we paid for them. I’m just joking. Triple.

Ku-Tip: Apparently babies are expensive. But don’t tell that to our ranch, because if we don’t buy things for it, it gets its feelings hurt.