Savoring each season

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Savoring each season | The Lazy K Creative blog

I am a summer girl, meaning that I freakin’ love summer. I live in Texas, where some people curse our summers because they’re too hot, but to me, our summers bring long days for outside fun, a very small need for clothes and any excuse to turn on a water hose. And lots of icy treats. So, the rest of the year, I fall into a funk. Fall isn’t horrible because our days are still warm and there’s now football and tailgates galore. Spring isn’t awful, even though it can bring windy days and finicky weather. But, winter…well, I hate winter. There, I said it. I know winter means Christmas and the .0001% chance of snow here in the South, but that doesn’t cheer me up too much. I really hate winter. I hate that it’s already dark when i’m leaving work to go home. I hate that we can’t go outside … Read More

Why I can totally relate to everyone hanging out without me

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Let me just get straight to the point. I love Mindy Kaling. Like absolutely freakin’ adore her…her wit, humor and caramel princess charm (you have to watch The Mindy Project to get that last one). And I’ve been having Mindy Project withdrawals since Fox took the show off the air. My only option now is Hulu, but my savvy rural Internet speeds don’t play nicely with streaming services like Hulu, so that’s a no go. My solution. Unfollow every Mindy Project social channel that exists. Stop having recap texts with my fellow Mindy-loving friends. And wait. Wait patiently for Season 3 to hit Amazon long after Season 3 actually concludes. Buy it, put the kids to bed early, and watch my Mindy marathon…next summer. If you haven’t already gotten on the Mindy Project bandwagon, you need to. But you first need to read her book, appropriately titled Is Everyone Hanging … Read More

Letting go

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Letting go | Lazy K Creative blog

Today I’m talking about motherhood. Because it is so rewarding and so gut-wrenching all at the same time. My daughter started Pre-K last week, and handled it like a champ, as expected. I was fine too, for the most part. I was happy there were no tears. Happy for her to have this experience. Excited for this next step for her. And a little sad. Sad for me mainly. Because even though my two kids are still really little, I’m already starting to get a real glimpse into what is to come. Letting go. She’s only four, and I am already starting to have to let her go. Kinda sucks. I thought I had at least 10 years before I had to worry myself with this. But for the first time in her little life, she didn’t seem so little. She didn’t seem so needy. And she just seemed ready. … Read More

When my little girl grows up, she doesn’t want to be like Mommy

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When my little girl grows up, she doesn't want to be like Mommy

My daughter is only four, but she’s seriously the smartest kid ever. And I can admit that because I’m not the only person that says it. Strangers tell me she’s smart, so I know it’s true. It’s probably because I treat her like an adult. We have adult conversations every day, esp. on car rides or around the kitchen table. Like yesterday for example. K: “Mommy, let’s talk about what I can be when I grow up.” Me: “Ok. Well, you can be a teacher like Daddy. Or you can build things like sandboxes or treehouses or big tall buildings.” K: “I want to be a builder.” Me: “Or you can be like Mommy. You can be super creative and design and take photos and…” K: “I don’t want to be like you Mommy. I don’t want to work on a computer. I want to do something fun.” Me: “Well, … Read More

I’m sorry for being sorry

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I'm sorry for being sorry

You know that moment in a job interview where you’re asked, “What’s your greatest weakness?” and we all blurt out something generic like, “I’m a perfectionist.” Well, it’s only taken me 33+ years to realize it, but I honestly have a major weakness – I’m a chronic apologizer. I’ve been doing it my entire life, apologizing for getting good grades in high school, for being smart, for knowing the answer, for having self confidence, for being damn good at my job, for having a well-mannered dog, for having two adorable children, for having a beautiful home. All of it. I’ve said I was sorry for all the good things in my life before saying anything else. Well I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve realized I apologize because I don’t want others to feel bad or for them to think I gloat. But the thing is, the majority of the people that … Read More

The year of me

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I’ve made myself a promise. I’m devoting the next 12 months to me. That doesn’t mean I’m moving across the country and leaving my kids with their Daddy. Gosh no. I love them too much. It means that I’m focusing on my health – physical, mental, emotional – and my soul. After a tough couple of years and the addition of my second child, I decided it was now or never. Here’s some things I’m planning. I figure if I write them down, I’m more likely to stick with them: Make time to exercise 3-4 times/week (no excuses!) Go on more date nights and weekend getaways (sans kids) with the hubs (our last big trip together was in 2010 before I got pregnant with Kassidy) Get back into a routine of physical care (eye doc, dentist, chiropractor and dermatologist) Make time to be creative for myself (create art for the … Read More

Why investing in a creative expert always matters for your business

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Why investing in a creative expert always matters for your business

Guys, here’s the honest truth. If you want it done right, hire an expert. Period. If you just want it done (sometimes years later) hire anyone. Better yet. Don’t pay them if they aren’t an expert. You’re wasting money. As a #bossmom who helps clients build their brand presence and market themselves professionally, I’m not naive. There’s a bunch of “experts” in my field, with prices ranging from “starving to death” to “I could buy my own island.” I find myself somewhere in the middle. But, the truth is that doing the work – and doing the right work – isn’t something that a novice can do. Creative bosses, those who are truly experts at what they do, don’t just do it for the paycheck. Far from it. They do the work because they are passionate about what they can offer their clients. They are motivated by life-long learning, change … Read More

DIY repurposed pallet sign with hand painted letters for little girl’s room

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DIY repurposed pallet sign | Lazy K Designs

So this isn’t my first repurposed pallet sign, but I’ve had so many people ask how I make these that I wanted to show a quick step-by-step process. They’re not hard once you get the hang of them, but they can be tedious. Lucky for you I’ve figured out how to cut as many corners as possible. You’re welcome. Supplies you will need: Pallet boards Sandpaper Nail gun Paint Paint pen Poly Pencil or pen Carbon paper Eye hooks and wire for hanging First thing I do is make my hubby dismantle the pallets. I then lay out the pallets so they fit together nicely and measure the full size, i.e. 24×48 inches. This tells me how large I need to make my canvas when I’m designing my saying in PhotoShop. Few things to note. The pallets will not fit together perfectly and they don’t need to…it’s supposed to look … Read More

A hole in the wall

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I know. It’s been forever since I’ve entertained you guys with my humor, but life has been busy, and some things…some things like blogging about the crazy things my kid does now so that I can embarrass her later have fallen to the wayside. But as I’m lying here in bed in my hospital room waiting for my second kid to make his debut, I finally have some free time. So back to that embarrassing story. Brady, me and Kassidy found ourselves at our newest favorite Mexican dive for lunch the other day. On cue, K announces she needs to go potty, so I take her and my 38-week pregnant self to the restroom. Even though the food at this place is amazing, their actual restaurant leaves something to be desired. So you can only imagine the caliber of their restrooms. K goes first, and then it’s my turn…finally. That’s … Read More

Kassidy Reese | Spring Photo Shoot

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So being as how I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, I figured it would be a disgrace to all Texans if I didn’t get my annual bluebonnet pictures with my beautiful little girl, who by the way is almost 3! It’s true what they say – time really does fly by. Plus, this opportunity was a great time to try out my new lens. Even though the bluebonnets were on their last leg (I should have taken these about two weeks sooner), I still think the results speak for themselves. Next year I’ll know to scout out a good patch as soon as those little guys start blooming. And before we get a last minute spring freeze. This is by far my absolute favorite pic of the bunch! And the rest are all a close second. Enjoy! And finally, the many faces of Kassidy.