Accessories. They’re Not Just For Girls Anymore

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So, Brady hates it when we’re running errands in town, and I get sidetracked by something sparkly or trendy and just have to stop to browse. Yes, I’m a girl and I like accessories — specifically belts, earrings and cardigans.

But ladies, we’re not alone. Men love shiny and trendy accessories too — they just don’t want to admit it. Except now I have visual proof that Brady loves accessories, as well as proof on our credit card and proof from the hours and hours I’ve spent following Brady around the 4 Wheel Drive store to browse for manly accessories…

Pictured above: Accessories #1 & #2 — Smittybilt front bumper with driving lights so that our future children will be protected when Daddy takes them to daycare (that’s the excuse Brady gave for needing the bumper)

Pictured above: Accessories #3 & #4 — 31″ all-terrain tires and front-bumper D rings that match his back-bumper D rings that we’ll eventually use to pull our kids around on a sled

Pictured above: Accessory #5 — 8,000 lb. winch that Brady promises he’ll use to stretch our fence wire

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