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Hi, I'm Jenna

Lazy K Creative is my passion – my opportunity to help the modern entrepreneur and visionary build their image, reach more people and ultimately, leave their own unique footprint on the world.

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I’ve collected all my thoughts – on being a working mom, balancing work + life, building my business, being awesomely creative, keeping two kiddos alive, and my “I swear this actually happened” country life shenanigans – and put them in one place. Follow my blog if you want to receive loads of free advice and tips and don’t mind getting to know the real me.

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  • tbt to my fave Christmas gift that I designed and
    by wildsouthcreative  #tbt  to my fave Christmas gift that I designed and gave to the hubs and 2/3 of my  #wildthree . I do not overbuy for the kids because they already have more than they need, so it makes me happy to give them smaller more  #meaningful  gifts that they'll actually use // subtle clues in my tags about my next adventure //  #creativelife   #etsy   #bossmom 
  • Candlelight latte inside while I hear the cold front blow
    by wildsouthcreative Candlelight latte inside while I hear the cold front blow in outside. Here's to NOT dressing my kids appropriately for school this morning  #momfail   #creativeentrepreneur   #bosslady   #bossmom   #beingboss   #beingbosspodcast   #lazykcreative   #modernentrepreneur   #marketing   #design   #webdesign   #branding 
  • As promised heres the rest of the story Big beautiful
    by wildsouthcreative As promised, here's the rest of the story. Big, beautiful changes coming to my family this year! ❤️  #bossmom   #momofthree   #partyoffive   #aug2016   #summerbaby  ☀️
  • Hope you all didnt miss me too much Sorry for
    by wildsouthcreative Hope you all didn't miss me too much. Sorry for my absence the past few weeks, but it now looks like 2016 will bring a ton of new adventures for my little family. More on that later. Now that winter is in full swing here in Texas, I tend to always get into a little funk. The days are shorter, and colder, and just more bleh. But, I've made a promise to myself to find a way to brave, and maybe even look forward to, each season. Even if I'm feeling bleh. ☔️ More on the blog // Link in
  • Just popping in after being on hiatus for so long
    by wildsouthcreative Just popping in after being on hiatus for so long now that I'm super embarrassed. Sorry friends. I have a very good excuse. She's pictured above along with her adorable older brother and sister. Hollis Christen joined our family on 7/27 and is just perfect! Me? Well I've come to the reality that I can't do it all. Not even close. A full-time job and three  #wild  littles already has me stretched like crazy. I haven't been taking new clients since last March, and I'm content with that decision. But...I can't quite give up my  #creative  work completely. I've been
  • New name New direction New ideas Things have been moving
    by wildsouthcreative New name. New direction. New ideas. Things have been moving slowly as I reinvest some much needed love into my old  #etsy  shop. But I've got ideas in my head and am excited to unveil this new creative project -- in time. Just be patient with me please!  #handmadeprints   #Texas   #digitalstencils   #scrapbooking   #footprintart   #handprintart   #makingmemories 

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